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This website was created to commemorate Hornsby Bend and the Hornsby family through photos and written documents.  Most of this site is dedicated to the descendents of Reuben Hornsby and Sarah Morrison Hornsby and their time in Hornsby Bend, Texas, but documentation for their forefathers dates back to the turn of the 18th century.   Members of the family have fought in the Revolutionary War, War of 1812, Texas War of Independence, and many many others.  Hopefully this site will give you information about the Hornsby Family, Texas history, and entertainment.

The year was 1830. Reuben and Sarah Morrison Hornsby landed in Texas from the steamship Pocahontas. At Stephen F. Austin's colony at San Felipe, Reuben was joined with Austin and five other men: Webber, Walters, Duty, Barker, and Wilbarger.

Together these men surveyed the land around Austin's Upper Colony. When Reuben saw a large horse-shoe shaped bend in the Colorado River just 9 miles east of present day Austin, he told Austin that this was the land he wanted as his "headright."

Reuben Hornsby received a Mexican land grant of approximately 4500 acres from Stephen F. Austin on October 16, 1832. That land since has been named "Hornsby Bend" and in the early days of the Republic of Texas, it stood at the most northern, remote tip of Austin's Colony.  This is the story of the family of Reuben Hornsby.

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